Membership details

Anyone over 8 years of age can join Stroud Valley Sub-Aqua Club as a snorkeler, and the current minimum age for diving is 12.

There is no maximum age limit for snorkelers or divers and the only constraints are those set by the Medical Declaration for divers and the Declaration of Fitness for Snorkeling for snorkelers.

SVSAC has a very successful snorkeling section, mainly consisting of children between the age of 8 and 12. Snorkeling can also be great fun for the more mature individual keen to keep fit.

All kinds of divers are welcome to the club and we have abilities across the board from novices upwards.

We also welcome other members of your family who are keen to socialise with us and join in the pool sessions for swimming. However, we do ask that they become a BSAC Snorkel Member.

If you like to further discuss any membership issues, please contact us.

See the fees pages to find out how much it all costs.