Medical matters

As diving and snorkeling will make certain physical demands on you, it is important to maintain a good level of fitness. BSAC requires all new diving members to declare their fitness on a UK Sport Diver Medical Form.

All snorkelers need to sign a Declaration of Medical Fitness for Snorkeling (a parent or guardian to sign if applicant is under the age of 18). This should be completed and returned to us before you join BSAC and before you start your training.

If you have any existing medical problem indicated on the questionnaire or are not certain how to answer any of the questions you should contact one of the BSAC Medical Referees for advice. The referee may be able to reassure you that your problem will not exclude you from diving and if you send them your form they will sign and return it free of charge. Alternatively they may require you to have a medical examination in which case you should discuss the required fee with them.

It is very important that you do not make a false declaration on the medical questionnaire as both you and anyone that dives with you may then be at risk.

For more referees and more information regarding medical matters please visit the BSAC website.

Medical Examinations for Fitness to Dive

Prior to 2000, periodic medical examinations by doctors to determine ‘fitness to dive’ was a requirement for new and renewing BSAC membership.

The current self declaration process replaced this procedure and has become an established system. Coupled with the support of the UK Sport Diving Medical Committee (UKSDMC) for those divers that could not self declare, the system has worked well.

Some members may still wish to obtain a medical examination, in addition to the mandatory self declaration process – for their own peace of mind. Only a UKSDMC referee however can endorse a UKSDMC ‘fitness to dive’ certificate.

There are two options for those that want a medical examination:

A medical examination from their own GP (in addition to the mandatory self declaration process)
A medical examination from a UKSDMC referee
– and a UKSDMC ‘fitness to dive’ certificate can be issued