Becoming a member of the Stroud Valley Branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club is not costly. The fees can be divided into three parts:

1) Fees to BSAC
2) Fees to the Stroud Valley Branch (SVSAC)
3) Fees for the diving manuals

1) Fees to BSAC

The annual fee to BSAC for a full diving member is £60.00. This includes the subscription for the official diving magazine.

There are discounts on this fee as follows:

Open Water Instructor/Advanced Diver £55.00
Joint Member
(with a family member paying full diving membership)
Student Member (full-time education)/Youth Member (under 18) £31.50
Youth Snorkel/Snorkel Member £20.00


If you opt for these discount memberships you will not receive the monthly BSAC magazine. A life membership is also available for a one-off fee – please ask if you require further details of this.

Other reductions apply according to qualification. For more details please see the BSAC website or contact us.

2) Fees to the Branch (SVSAC)

As a member of the Stroud Valley Sub-Aqua Club you will be asked to pay a monthly fee in the form of a standing order paid to the branch’s bank account. If you will be training in the pool there will be an additional monthly sum for the first year to assist with the purchase of equipment and air that you will be using.

The cost per month for a single membership for diving is £10. Plus an additional £5.00 per person if you are pool training for ocean diver (this additional cost is to cover equipment use and air fills during pool training).  This additional cost is only incurred for the first 12 months.

The cost per month for Snorkelling is £9.

3) Fees for the diving manuals

If you will be training for the first qualification of ‘Ocean Diver’ you will need to purchase the BSAC training pack at a cost of £40 + postage.

This should be purchased before you start your training as it includes the manual, qualification record and logbook to help you begin and record your training.

The cost of your first snorkel training manual is included in your fee to BSAC for the first year.

Typical fee example for a new training diver

BSAC Annual fee £60.00
Training pack £40.00 + post £3.00

Total payable: £103.00
Monthly fee to the club £10.00
Contribution for equipment/air £5.00
Total payable monthly by standing order: £15.00