Diver training


SVSAC is an active training club and welcomes anyone from novices through to experienced and seasoned divers. We’re happy to take on divers from other organizations such as PADI who wish to start diving in a club environment.

If you’re completely new to diving then start with a Try-Dive. Otherwise, read on from Starting Your Training.


We offer Try-Dive sessions at which you learn a little about equipment and safety matters for diving in the pool. Our instructors will take you beneath the water for your first introduction.

All you need bring is a swimming costume, a towel and a T-shirt that you don’t mind getting wet.

We make a small charge of £10 per person for air and equipment but this amount is deducted from your first month’s club fees should you decide to join us.

If you are interested in arranging to come for a Try-Dive session or you would like to discuss in more detail how and when to start training, either come along to the pool at Archway School on a Thursday evening or contact us.

Starting Your Training

If you already have a dive qualification from BSAC or another dive organisation you should contact us – we will ensure that you transfer into the club at the appropriate grade and arrange for any training necessary to ‘fill in gaps’ in your training and experience for this grade.

The training program from some other organisations varies from our own and you may benefit from this different, additional training.

You will need to provide evidence of your existing qualification in order to receive the BSAC equivalent grade.


Continuing Training

As a club member you can benefit from a huge range of exciting Skills Development Courses and Instructor Training Courses. There are taught all over the country, see the BSAC website for further information.