Club Night 6 June 2019

Club Night 6 June 2019

Plan for  Thursday 6 June 2019
Pool marshal – Chris Dixon

Snorkel Club – 6:30 – 7:30 in pool

Scuba, pool 7:30 – 9:00
OS2 – Instructor: Guy Hutchinson Trainee: Tim Pullman

OS1 – Instructor: Lisa Mace Trainee: Mary Ham

OS5 – Instructor: Bridgette King Trainees: Erika & Ian Tyror Taylor – to complete session

Classroom – Instructor Bridgette King

6:45 – 7:45 Sports diver theory exam

Other events coming up:

Get in touch if you want to do any open water activities, for training or just to get back in the wet stuff. Others might be waiting to join in.

Open water dates – see emails with weekend/day trips

13th June            Cromhall, open water training 5:30 pm +  contact Steve Williamson to arrange

7th – 15th June    Scapa Flow – organiser Paul Spence

29/30th June        Coast/shore dive possibility – details to be confirmed

12th July               Lake 12, Cotswold Water Park – evening dive with Cirencester Dolphins – Paul Spence organiser

4th Aug                  Chepstow, pre Wales and other – Paul Spence organiser

10th/11th Aug         Wales, boat diving – Paul Spence organiser

21st/22nd Sept        Porthkerris, Cornwall – boat dives Pete Ball organiser

BSAC training events – refer to BSAC website, book direct

20th July          Cromhall, Sports Divers


Bridgette King, training officer



Dive Calendar 2019

Dive Calendar 2019

Checklist for Open Water Dives

Checklist for Open Water Dives

Cylinder(s) full …fill cylinders at:
Dive 90, Cheltenham 01242680003,
Cromhall Diving, or
Neptune Diving    01452313605
Please return full to SVSAC store
Dry suit
Under suit
Or Wetsuit
Sea Fins
Weight Belt
Spare Weights
Buoyancy Control Device
Qualification and Logbook
Lunch + Water
Contact Details

Dive Timer
Ankle Weights
Waterproof Coat
Warm Clothes
Mobile Phone
Who are you lift sharing with?

If borrowing any equipment from SVSAC store please return it by Thursday 7pm washed in fresh water and dried ready for training use.

AED (defibrillator) refresher training

AED (defibrillator) refresher training

On 3rd May several members attended an AED (defibrillator) refresher/training session.

A short theory presentation explained how and why we should use an AED and we then got down on the floor to attend to ‘Annie’ and give her some basic life support and help with a training AED.

Our branch is lucky to own a ‘live’ AED which we have available on Club nights and other trips.

We are also able to practice with the training AED.

Get in touch with any of the Committee if you would like the opportunity to familiarise with the working of the AED.



Members Photos

Members Photos

TurtleStone FishCuttle FishScorpion Leaf FishSpanish Dancer

Egyptian liveaboard trip

Egyptian liveaboard trip
Congratulations to SVSAC 30 years diving together.

We have all returned from our trip to Red Sea South. Joining our boat The Hurricane on 4th October we set off for diving the many reefs of St John’s, Fury Shoal, Elphinstone returning to UK early on 12th.

Well looked after by the staff of Hurricane and dive guide Halmosh and Waheed.

Many thanks for Dave King for organising.

We look forward to viewing the fabulous photos and videos.

Water Skills Course

Water Skills Course

Learn to snorkel, gain lifesaving skills and try scuba diving.

Our first Course started 25 February 2016 and our participants learnt a huge range of skills – contact us if you or your group would like to find out more.


Contact Rod Mace for a chat or further details at or Bridgette at


Booking dive trips

Booking dive trips

10 things to do if you want to go on a SVSAC dive trip

  1. Ask organiser if you are qualified to safely go on the trip. You may need to check with our Dive Officer.
  2. Book time off work.
  3. Find out who else is going on the dive.
  4. Work out how to get there and back i.e car share, plane etc.
  5. Work out accommodation-usually NOT included.
  6. See if there is any special training needed and if so do you have time to do it ?
  7. Notify organiser and pay a non returnable deposit usually about 1/3rd of full cost.
  8. About 6 weeks before you go pay rest of money owed for trip. If you cannot go TELL ORGANISER STRAIGHT AWAY it is your responsibility to fill your space or risk losing your money.
  9. Dive and get fit to dive well for the trip, test out all equipment.
  10. Pack and go.

Thursday 21 December 2017

Thursday 21 December 2017