Club Night 9 January 2020 – welcome back

Club Night 9 January 2020 – welcome back

Plan for Thursday 9 January 2020

Pool marshal – Bridgette King (snorkel session), Scott Ballentyne (scuba/swim session)

Snorkel Club – 6:30 – 7:30 in pool with Keith Abbott and Rod Mace

Scuba, pool 7:30 – 9:00

Instructors: Dave King, Paul Spence, Dave Tinsley, Pete Ball
Try divers: W Smart, F Neville, L Neville

Other events coming up:

Get in touch if you want to do any open water activities, for training or just to get back in the wet stuff. Others might be waiting to join in.


25th January – Christmas Meal, Edgemoor Inn – 7:00 pm

5th February – Committee meeting – 7:30 pm
22nd February – Skittles, The Rose Pub, Paganhill – 6:30 pm  – contact Lisa Mace for details
28th March – Film Night, Randwick Village Hall – 7:00 pm


Bridgette King, training officer



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