Club Night 2 May 2019

Club Night 2 May 2019

Plan for  Thursday 2 May 2019
Pool marshal

Snorkel Club – 6:30 – 7:30 in pool with  Keith Abbott and Dave Cole

Scuba, pool 7:30 – 9:00
OS4 – Instructor: Paul Spence – Karl  Gillings& Maddie Smith

OS2 – Instructor: Dave King – Torri & Molly Beebee

OS5 – Instructor: Rod Mace – Erika and Ian Tyror-Taylor

Snorkel/dive session – Instructor: Lisa Mace – Jonah

Classroom  6:30 – 7:15

Ocean diver exam: Lewis Jotham Instructor: Bridgette King


Other events coming up:

Get in touch if you want to do any open water activities, for training or just to get back in the wet stuff. Others might be waiting to join in.

Open water dates – see emails with weekend/day trips

1st May            Committee meeting 7:45pm The Crown, Paganhill

11th May          Chepstow, organiser Paul Spence

19th-25th May   Medes Islands, Spain – organiser Bridgette King

25th May          Chepstow, organiser Paul Spence

31st May          Stroud Leisure Centre – outdoor pool – sweep & barbeque


Cromhall Thursday evenings for training – due to start mid/end May – we will send out notifications soon

BSAC training events – refer to BSAC website, book direct

18th May          Cromhall, Dive Leader

20th July          Cromhall, Sports Divers



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