Club Night 26 July 2018

Club Night 26 July 2018

Plan for  Thursday 26 July 2018

Pool marshal – Paul Spence
Snorkel Club – 6:30 – 7:30 in pool with  Rod Mace, Keith Abbott and Dave Cole


Classroom – 6:45 Instructor: Margot Gibbs OT2 Geli Roth and Jemima Chancellor

Pool – poolside for 7:10, for pool entry 7:35

Instructor: Bridgette King          OS3 Olivia Hazell

Instructor: Pete Ball               Try Dive – Sam Hursthouse

Instructor: Lisa Mace             Try Dive – Jnr Wicks

Instructor: Rod Mace Robin & Will Ford – kit tryout

For any trainees not listed above get in touch if you want dates scheduled.

Cromhall quarry – Steve Williamson, Chris Wright, Dave King

Other events coming up:

4th & 5th August           – West Wales boat dives – organiser Paul Spence     07958539495

13th & August – Lake 12, South Cerney – shallow, open water diving – organiser Paul Spence

Other dates & events – refer to website


Bridgette King

Training Officer

07760 174534





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